Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Babae Urges Obama to Keep Campaign Promises and Reverse Bush Foreign Policies


November 5, 2008

Contact: Marisa Mariano, Babae San Francisco, 415.333.6267,

On the morning of this historic presidential election, Babae San Francisco acknowledges the renewed vigilance of the people of the United States in their demand for change. Let's take this time to not only recognize the historical significance of Senator Barack Obama's win for working people and all people of color in America, but to also serve as a reminder, as Obama himself stated, that our work does not end in this election.

The fight between what's best for the majority of people in America versus the rich minority will continue with this new Administration if not held accountable. As evidenced by the approval of the $700 billion dollar bailout of banks using taxpayer money, Babae recognizes that both Democratic and Republican parties exist to do the bidding of the corporate elite of this country.

Amidst a global financial crisis, a war that has ravaged our citizens for almost six years, unprecedented high rates of unemployment, and rising prices of basic commodities, America is indeed in need of change, and Senator Obama's electoral campaign was forged on the promises of fulfilling these changes. As Senator Obama begins this new journey forward as the next president of the United States, Babae encourages everyone to stand vigilant in ensuring that his promises are fulfilled. We must hold our new president accountable to our demands, and this can only be achieved by being involved and informed. "Our civic duties go beyond the polling booths," says Marisa Mariano, Chair of Babae. "We must organize ourselves into action if we want a different tomorrow. Obama has definitely inspired many people to believe that change can occur, but it is up to us to make that change happen, now that he's been elected."

Senator Obama has called to bring the troops home from the war on Iraq. Babae hopes that he will also do the same for the troops currently stationed in the Philippines. With $12 billion taxpayer dollars spent on this war in 2008 alone, Babae hopes this new administration will put a stop to US military aid to Philippines and instead, spend the money towards building sustainable universal healthcare for its citizens and improving our educational system as promised. To date, the Philippine government has received $30 million dollars of US military aid, even after United Nations reports of human rights violations committed by the Philippine military against the Filipino people.

It is only when the needs and interests of a country's citizens are prioritized can a true democracy be attained. As we move forward with a new president, Babae anticipates many challenges ahead and will keep a vigilant eye with hopes that the new Obama Administration reverses the broken economic and foreign policies of the Bush Adminstration and promote genuine peace and prosperity for all people around the world.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Babae SF endorses Prop B! Housing For All!

Prop B would create an Affordable Housing Fund of approximately $33 million each year for the next 15 years to be spent specifically on building affordable housing for the working poor and middle class people of San Francisco. 75% will be used towards the building of new housing, and 25% is for renovation, rental assistance, homeownership, etc. This does not mean an increase in taxes; it will create a set-aside fund of existing property taxes.

Monday, November 3, 2008